Rocket Espresso Pressure Stops Then Builds Fast

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Pressure Stops Then Climbs

I received a rocket espresso appartmento from a friend about a year ago now and just randomly am now experiencing pressure issues. I've read a fair bit of posts in threads and I'm not exactly sure my problem is the same so I wanted to share and see if anyone else has experienced it.

The machine builds to normal pressure and it sits for a second, I can almost even hear it subtly stop building pressure. It sorta calms down. Then maybe 10 seconds later it sounds like it kicks back to building more pressure and away it goes climbing.

I eventually kick it off as the one time I had it on it was steaming all over. I was worried the thing might blow up or something..

Curious if anyone has any ideas.

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So, it overheats after you hear the pressostat click off?

If your pressostat has very thin wires, then the pressostat is signalling the powerboard and the powerboard is directly powering the element. If it overheats in this configuration, the relay on the powerboard is probably failing closed.

If your pressostat has the thicker wires (like the rest of the wires around the boiler) then the powerboard is always trying to supply power to the element circuit and the pressostat is switching it on and off.
So, if you actually hear it get to pressure, notice the pressostat switching off, but still have an overheating boiler, then something is still conducting electricity like water inside the element's sheathing, it's almost certainly a cracked element shorting out to boiler-ground.

If you don't understand what I'm blathering about, send us a photo of your pressostat so we can be sure which era of Appartamento it is and be certain of how it's wired.

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Please use some acqua frizzante and let us know your results :wink:

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Your heating element might be shorted out. It either does not come on or does not shut off. I had a does not shut off on my machine. Pressure would climb until safety valve popped.
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