Rocket Cellini v3 blowing tubing off s2 self priming valve

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Hello, I've searched to locate anyone else having this issue but have been unable to find anyone with the same symptoms. I recently purchased a second hand rocket espresso Cellini v3 with pid. I have been having issues with is bursting the silicone tubing that comes off the valve that is connected to the vibratory pump. It does it after having the lever up for making a shot. It seems to be working fine until just after the 30 second mark and that is when it bursts that silicone tubing. I'm not sure if I should just be replacing that valve, the vibratory pump, or if there is a different cause? Anyone have any suggestions where to start or what could be causing this to happen? Thanks

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#2: Post by JRising »

There should be no pressure in that tube, it should merely free-flow back to the receiver under the reservoir... Check the entire tube for what's blocking it and allowing pressure to build? (Just my guess without seeing it).