Rocket Cellini heating element replacement

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I just inherited a broken Rocket Cellini espresso machine (and have no idea how to use it or do anything haha). It was tripping the GFCI so I found that I needed to replace the heating element. I got a replacement one, and after some percussive maintenance, managed to knock the old one out (confirming it was all corroded and melted).

My question is, should I just get the new one installed, or should I clean anything out before wrenching the new HE and gasket on? I assume I can just put it back together and follow normal cleaning steps to flush things out. But based on how the old HE looked it seems like maybe I should clean something while I have it open (if that's even possible).

Also, is there something I need to do when I put it back together to fill the boiler before the heating element turns on so it doesn't heat up dry?

Any tips are appreciated!

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Clean it first.

Reassemble machine.

Leave heating element disconnected.

Fill with water.

Verify no leaks under pump pressure

Connect heating element... [hope all goes well]

Have fun!

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Thanks, any tips for cleaning it then?

Since it's pretty heavy, it's kind of a pain to move around a lot. But I guess I was thinking I could try putting it on the side with the heating element hole up, filling with water and dumping it out a few times.

I could try to find a brush or something to fit in there, not sure if it's worth going through that trouble.

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you can take the boiler and everything apart and soak in bucket of citric acid solution.

This [url ... t=0&ch=300]search [/url]will get you started