Rocket Cellini - faulty pressurestat and some buildup questions

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Hi there,

After few days of losing pressure and yesterday over pressure which "blow-up" steams from my machine - same thing happened to me..

I took it apart to make sure that
1- I don't have scale in any pipe or boiler which have might cause the pressure issue - found out that the machine and heating element are clean.
2- had to remove the pressurestat.

I've ordered a new pressurestat and a new safety thermometer 135C which I've broken.

My question is regarding building it back up.. Should I use any teflon tape on the pipes?
Should I use a threadsealer?

When I took it apart I haven't notice any teflon tape nor any kind of a sealer...

In addition I would like to replace the old Cellini pressure gauge to a new bigger one like the Appartamento or the Mozzafiato, beside making a larger hole.. anything else I would need to consider?


Team HB

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The threads of the little Ma-Ter p-stat are the same as the threads of a Sirai P-stat. I'm not sure what you mean about making a bigger hole. You may have to bend the copper tubing a little, but the fitting is the same. Installing a Solid State Relay to switch the element rather than the pressostat's contacts directly switching the load would do more for your new pressostat's longevity than just changing the pressostat type.

No, don't use any thread locker or teflon tape or dope, just center the fittings to each other and snug up the nut. It's not a pipe fitting. The rounded end of the tubing will seal against the angled face of the pressostat.

mosheva (original poster)

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Thanks for your comment.

I would be more specific...
As for the pressurestat I would use the same as the old one XP110 0.5-1.2 bar (picture attached)

As for the hole.. I would like to replace the Cellini pressure gauge for a bigger one like the one installed in the Appartamento or the Mozzafiato picture attached...
Just to make it nicer :)

Team HB

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Ahhh... Yeah, you did say "Gauge". :oops:

Cutting stainless steel is not terribly easy. I expect you would want to completely remove the innards of the machine, then glue a bit of sheet metal over the opening to give your carbide hole-saw a center to start on. Then say a little prayer as you hope to go through the stainless face and then through the frame cleanly.

mosheva (original poster)

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LOL Thanks!