Rocket Appartamento Side Panel/Case Swap Possible?

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Has anyone customized or replaced the case of a Rocket Appartamento? I bought my machine roughly 7-8 years ago now. I have a desire to get something new and shiney... but it still works well, I'm happy with the shots I'm pulling from it, and most importantly, I don't really have the budget to upgrade to my "next step up" machine.

I have a standard Appartamento but really like the powder coat look of the Appartamento Nera. Is it possible to swap out the cases? I can't find any replacement cases online, but was curious if that is an option or not. I feel like a new look - new side panels and maybe some wood accents - could satisfy my get-a-new-machine itch for a few more years until I'm ready to take that next leap.

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I posted this yesterday in Trying to find all black La Marzocco GS3 driptray:
HB wrote:The driptray is all straight, flat surfaces, which would be ideal for a wrap. See Vinyl wrap for espresso machine? for inspiration.

Carbon fiber accent behind grouphead
I think the same would apply to the side panels of your espresso machine. Randy has some other ideas:
Randy G. wrote:A number of years ago I think it was 1st Line who was offering a limited edition of wrapped Silvias. I Photoshopped a couple for fun:

Seems like a low-cost, easy way to upgrade the "curb appeal" of an espresso machine.
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mliberty (original poster)

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That's a good idea that I wasn't really considering because of the heat. Looking at those threads it sounds like heat shouldn't be a problem with the right vinyl type -- Not sure I'm bold enough for a leopard print, but I'm sure I could find something :). And as you mention, probably a lot less expensive than replacing the metal frame. Thanks for the idea!

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I figure that the vinyl wrap used for cars should take the heat well; the hood of a sports car can surely get as hot (or hotter!) than the exterior of an espresso machine.
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I'm resurrecting a zombie thread here, but I took most of the outer case parts of my Appartamento to a local company and had them powder coated white. Very happy with the results.

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I've seen an appartamento with the metal inserts removed and replaced with opaque plaxiglass. Inside the walls there were LED strips so that the machine glowed blue when idle and red when the element was heating.