Rocket Appartamento shuts off after two minutes [SOLVED]

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I just got back my appartamento after a long international relocation.

For some reason the machine turns off exactly at the two minutes mark. It just goes into blinking. It is always at two minutes mark. It maintains pressure in the boiler but doesn't start the pump until I turn it off and on.
I checked all the cables. Water level (added salt). Replaced the control board with a new one. No luck so far.

Anybody has idea what to try next?



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Blinking like Eco mode, or blinking like out of water?
Does yours have the Eco Mode switch? Does the machine behave differently with that switch in the other position?

If it's an "out of water" blink, does physically grounding the receiver probe change it? I have seen a Gicar board behaving like that when it needed a new transformer... After a while (much longer than 2 minutes) the transformer would get way too hot and not put out enough voltage to read the reservoir signal (when tested the voltage at secondary coil was about 1). The board still had enough to go into light blinking mode. In this case, the machine was probably much too old to have had Eco Mode, not that it's relevant.

I hope the above might help in some way. Good luck. Let us know if you find clues, we may recognize them.

lorinc (original poster)

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My assessment is this is the eco mode blinking. It goes away when I turn off and on and the machine can maintain the pressure in the boiler.

So something triggers eco mode on my system two minutes after turning it on.

Unfortunately my unit doesn't have an Eco mode on/off switch.

Any way to jumper out Eco mode on the control board?

I did try to remove regular eco mode jumper, but didn't make any difference.


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Interesting, that's got a lot more connections than the North American boards that don't have Eco Mode... I think your jumper there is on the pressure-switch connection (for if the machine is wired to burn out the board's relay or a sacrificial relay instead of the pressostat)... What is connected to the red 2-pin connector? Ours don't have either that nor the 4 pin... We only have the pressure switch 2-pin and the 6 pin next to it for all the inputs to the logicboard. (and, of course, the green euro-mag 6 pin for all the powerboard connections). Can you post a pic of the Pro E.Lind sticker on the box with the connection labels?

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This is crazy, once I removed the lever and the fill switch exposed the problem goes away.

I just probably need to recalibrate the switch position to don't get pushed. Likely got shaken during the shipment from Madrid to Honolulu somewhere.

So it wasn't eco mode, it was a fill time out. It seems you cannot pull longer than 2 min shots on the appartamento?

Super interesting.

I'm still finalizing here what's going on.


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Details, man! You mean the the machine stops brewing at the 2 minute mark? Yes. It does. I thought your machine was turning off after 2 minutes of being on.You didn't say that the pump was running. The machine protects its little ulka pump that isn't supposed to be run for more than 60 seconds straight.

Anyway, it sounds like you've solved your problem. Enjoy your espresso.

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+1 about John's advice. Moreover, not only is there a 60-second limit on most ULKA pumps, but there's also a duty cycle, 50/50 on most 120-volt ULKAS. That is, for every second you run the pump, you must rest it for the same amount of time. Assuming the pump is the typical ULKA, that is a bare 5-series with no thermal protector, I'm surprised to hear that Rocket does not cut the pump off sooner. You can find more information including the specific specifications for your pump here ... 491910.pdf

lorinc (original poster)

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So the unit was working, heating etc. but had to be switched on and off every two minutes. Note it's an EU unit I'm using a step down transformer to run it.

The issue was during shippment the level sensor knob was shaken out and it seems it was engaging in idle, so the system thought it was a 2 minutes preinfusion and went to stand by.

Once I adjusted the level sensor button to don't stick out that much everything is working.

What was suprising really nobody faced this issue before or at least no reference on the internet and even technicians wasn't aware.

Thanks for all the help

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Level sensor knob? It's hard to see in the photo, what with all the reflections, but I think the photo shows a red square around the pump switch. Proper adjustment of the pump switch is to have it come on just before the lever comes up to fully up. In other words, when the lever is in the down position or the mid-position, the pump is off; only when it's fully up, is the pump on.

lorinc (original poster)

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Yes, the brew switch ... rco-switch. Got it, the switch only has two states, no pre-infusion state only on/off. The mystery remains why it takes two minutes, which you considered too long. My guess is because the pump actually was not pumping considering the boiler was full of water. I'm not in the mood to take apart again the whole thing to check the pump type, but I'm fairly confident it's the Ulka.