Rocket Appartamento - Pressurestat Replacement Leak

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My Pressure Stat gave out so i removed the old one and got a new one on, same part and works great now other then a small leak on the bottom of the nut the pstat screws into.

Video of the leak -

Video showing the parts to my brother unscrewed -

I am cranking it down super tight but also don't wanna break anything.

Should i tighten it more? or any suggestions.


Team HB

#2: Post by JRising »

No, overtightening it won't help it. That seal is made because the concave face on the bottom of the pressostat slightly distorts the convex face of the ferrule on the end of the copper tube. If it's not prefectly lined up, the old-slightly distorted line from its previous p-stat will allow a bit of leakage. You're better off re-opening it, making sure the fitting is perfectly centered and re-tightening, but not over tightening. Over tightening will just tear it all to bits.

If it can no longer seal, you'll have to replace the tube, ferrules and nuts assembly.

TomMunk (original poster)

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Thanks for the reply and guidance. You always are so helpful.

I have re seated it a few times and looking at the old part and now the new one i see a slight length difference in the threading. The new part being shorter, ive reached out to my supplier, i got this part ... 4915934244 to see if they have any guidance.

Might try to find a flared washer or something that can just bridge that small difference.

TomMunk (original poster)

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Just a quick follow up! After talking to Rocket it was clear the pipe from the boiler to the pressure sat was twisted and the point of failure. Got a new one shipped over, installed it today and pressure tested everything and let it sit hot for 2 hours with no issue.

Thanks so much for all the advice and help!