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I have a new pstat on order, so we'll see how that works in about a week or so.

I finally was next to the machine when it tripped today. I heard the limit switches click (no hissing) and saw that the pressure was at about 2+ Bar. The machine was running for a few hours before that happened.
You want to know how the machine is wired, there's 2 possible ways, and if yours is wired the original way, you'll probably want to convert it to the new way (To protect the expensive powerboard) or upgrade it even further than the new way by adding a relay (to protect the pressostat and the powerboard).

Starting here: Rocket Appartamento not maintaining steam pressure
Based on that thread, I think mine is probably wired the old way, yes? Sorry for the crummy picture - I haven't pulled the case off yet. I figured I'd wait to do that when the pstat arrives. From what I can tell, it looks like both contacts of the pstat are connected to the controller. I'm a little confused on where each contact is supposed to go, but maybe it'll be clearer when I actually take everything apart and can see more of the controller.


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I blame Edison.

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To expound a bit on that, Edison is said to be at least partially responsible for the choice of 110 V in the US. For the same power (Wattage) a 230 V machine draws roughly half the current of a 120 V machine. It seems many European makes size components for the lower current and, as a result, wiring, switches, relays, and other components get run at or above their current ratings. This often leads to shortened lifespans, and occasionally catastrophic failures.


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Yes, i find it odd that Rocket moved away from this kind of wiring arrangement (switching the element via the control board) years ago with the Giotto, yet bought it back for the Appartamento . I think it also depends on market spec - here in Australia on the Appartamento , the pstat does the switching , not the board

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mliberty wrote: Based on that thread, I think mine is probably wired the old way, yes?
Those skinny wires on the P-Stat are just the signal wires for the Powerboard.

It would have 14 gauge wires if it were switching the load. It will have 14 gauge wires when you're done making it better. We're not going to abandon you. Keep reading the other threads about it and let us know when we can help again.