Rocket Appartamento - Leaking at Pressure Regulator

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Hi Everybody,

My machine has been working great. But I recently moved it to clean my countertop and noticed some dried up water underneath the back of the machine. I took the outside cover off and discovered that it is slowly leaking from the brass pressure regulator near the back bottom of the machine.

When I got the machine, I adjusted the pressure on the machine down to 9 bar like many people suggested. The machine works perfect, but I would like to fix the leak.

Upon closer inspection, i noticed there is some kind of lubrication or paste around the threads that you can kind of make out in the last picture. Not sure what that is.

1. Is there any way to fix the leak without tightening it and increasing the pressure again?
2. Has anybody had luck fixing this exact leak?
3. Can I add teflon tape or some other kind of thread sealer, or will that not work?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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It depends , there should be an o'ring further in to stop it leaking, have you checked it's condition? If you screw it in , does the leak stop? I have had one of these with a hairline crack in the brass body, so that is another possibility.

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I replaced the O-ring and that seems to have stopped the leak for now. I will keep an eye on it.

thanks everybody!