Rocket Appartamento after rebuild behaviors...

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I have been working on my appartamento that i got from a friend. I have taken apart the e61 parts and replaced a few things in it that seemed problematic. I lubed some parts and rebuild it.

Im trying to figure out two things that have popped up.

First when i put a blind basket in to test all my seals and everything is good im noticing that water is coming out the relief valve at the bottom even when the lever is up. Is that normal or did i put something back in wrong?

Video example -

Second the pump or something seems to stay on after i put the lever back down this seems like a new thing?

Video Example -

Any insights or idea would be helpful!

PS haha i took these video shirtless so you might see a fat dude in the reflection, just ignore it :lol:

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I am going to assume that you mean water is coming out the drain valve (the very bottom of the E61 head). That's what it looks like in video.
Something is wrong with the way the drain valve is reinstalled, or the valve face is damaged. The rubber side of all valves face the cam, ie the bottom two go rubber up, the top(brew) rubber down.
With the lever all the way up, the cam isn't touching the middle(preinfusion) valve, so it isn't pressing the lowest(drain) valve... The very strong spring under drain valve should hold it tightly closed in there. Check it.

And your pump switch (roller switch behind the control lever) is too far forward, the cam is still holding it when it should have let it out... Move the switch back two or three turns of the nuts that hold it in the front panel. (If there's no rear nut, put in a washer or o-ring or something).

TomMunk (original poster)

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I have solved my lever issue, thanks Jrising! But i still am having issues with the drain valve. Here is a photo of how i had it installed

I had the copper part upside down i believe in the lower part, i have flipped it to the correct way now and i tried swapping the springs.

Im still getting a flow out of the drain valve when i have a blind basket in. Im going to try swapping the springs again but after that im out of ideas, help please.

Video example -


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Yes, so you've seen that the circled thing needs to be narrow side up and inside spring...

Is it possible that your new Preinfision valve (long one, triangular tail) is longer than the old-preinfusion valve and therefore holding the drain valve slightly open?

Is it possible that you have forgotten a teflon washer in the bottom section so that the whole valve body at the drain valve is 2 millimeters higher than it should be?

And for testing, you can assemble the upper things without the drainvalve or its spring or the bottom most piece of the body in place...
Then, hold the drain valve up in place on your fingertip and see if yu can feel it seating properly when the lever is raised, or if it's still wobbly with the lever raised (it should seat nice and firmly, thus not let water out with the lever up).

TomMunk (original poster)

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I figured it out...I swapped the springs from the exhaust and the spring that was in the lever.

Just reassembled and will test in the morning but it feels right now.

I do remember thinking it was a wild strong spring to put in for the lever haha now i get that it was but for the exhaust valve

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Alright last post and question in this thread. Everything is back to normal, i dont have a pressure gauge in yet so im not sure what im at but i did loosen the OPV one full turn to bring it down a bit. The pump seems to be feathering, from my googling i think this is ok and just the pump keeping the pressure right but i wanted to be sure.

Video example starting at the 12seconds mark -

The shot was 18g in 36 out in like 27 seconds and was a mostly good shot but im still just learning this new equipment.


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Well, your pump is "Stalling" and it isn't the OPV keeping the pressure wherever it is.... If it's brewing perfectly, then enjoy your espresso.

Do you have a way of measuring the pressure in your brew circuit (or a portafilter gauge)? If you do, then let us know at what pressure the pump is stalling and at what pressure it is able to resume... But if it's stalling at less than 10 (and isn't an electrical issue with an extreme voltage drop at a relay or connection), you will be needing a new pump soon.