Roaster, situation demands I use an extension cord

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Fresh Roast SR800, 1750 watts 15 amp. Hoping 12awg/3 25 footer and hopefully copper would be ok. I'm aware an extension cord is not recommended. 25 > 10'. 10 gauge less options and more expensive but I'll do what I gotta, any input ?


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You should be OK with a 25', 12 ga. extension cord on the SR800. Double check for any voltage drop from the extension cord before roasting. You could also buy the parts to make a 10 ga. extension power distribution box with GFCI. Probably under $60 USD at HD or Lowes.

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Check Ebay for ready-msde RV extension cords.
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The SR800 has a powerful heater that stresses the typical 15-ampere circuit near its limit. Operation of the roaster is best on having the proper (~120) voltage. You should avoid extension cords if you can. If you can't, then, if you can possibly manage it, use the shortest, thickest gauge extension cord you can get. Also, bear in mind that the house/apartment wiring is also a factor. If you have the option, plug into the receptacle with the shortest run to the load centre (fuse box). My son just bought an SR800 on my recommendation (I had two older SR roasters). He reports best results with the highest voltage possible at the roaster. Buwenas!

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Can you explain the idea in connecting both to power and roaster since terminal ends are not conventional or maybe you are referring to use as the cable for making the power extension box with a 30 amp cable on the cheap because used + 30 amp ?

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Right now leaning as a compromise of a 10' 15 amp 10awg that will be connected to an outlet in the same small utility room where the breaker boxes are also located in my fathers house, Amazon around $20 before shipping and taxes. ... r=1-4&th=1

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That should work fine, maybe even a bit of overkill, but you can't go wrong by making it too 'good' :wink: .

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I would buy a 20 amp extension cord like 20 Amp 15-FT 12/3 Heavy Duty SJTW Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord with LED Blue 15' 12-Gauge Grounded 15-Amp Three-Prong Power-Cord (15 Foot 12-Awg)
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10' 10 AWG will be much better than 15' 12 AWG. The 10 gauge wire is larger and will reduce voltage drop.

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I'm not sure why the 10 AWG SJ cable is only rated to 15 amps. The couple of references I looked at rate 12 AWG and 10 AWG SJ cable, both to 15 Amps.

Definitely go with the 10 AWG, the shorter the better.

In my old house, I had to use a Variac to boost and stabilize the mains when roasting with my Fresh Roast. I haven't found that to be necessary in "new" place.