Ring connectors needed

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#1: Post by Coz »

Hey all, I am mid way through restoring my Microcimbali (Microcimbali Rebuild) and am having trouble sourcing the right ring connectors to redo the wiring harness.

https://www.waytekwire.com/item/31401/3 ... GE61AK10S5

After a bunch of Googling I found the above, but cannot for the life of me find them at a supplier willing to post them out due to minimum order requirements.

The Specs are

#6 stud
with a max width of ~.220" (~6mm)

Anyone have 20 of these they would be willing to sell to me, or recommend a supplier that I could buy them from?

Cheers all


#2: Post by nirdvorai »

Did you try your local hardware store? One will be amazed what can be found there in order to restore espresso machine.

This rings seems pretty common to be found in the electric department or ails.

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#3: Post by ira »

Amazon or PayPal. I just found them on eBay, 100 for $9 delivered.

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#4: Post by Coz »

Thanks both. After a misorder of the wrong external diameter I've finally got a tonne of the things now.

I am also looking for a replacement switch, see below. It's the switch with more terminals.


Anyone happen to have one of these lying around they are willing to sell? ;)

Or any ideas on where to go looking for parts would also be appreciated!