Restoring Nuova Simonelli MAC 2000V Single Group

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I am in the process of restoring a Nuova Simonelli MAC 2000v single group machine that I picked up on CL a few weeks ago. The machine was originally owned by a small cafe that was only in business for a couple of years and after the cafe closed its doors the machine was sold off and put into storage. After several years of sitting on a shelf and collecting dust (literally), the machine was put up for sale again. Which is when I found this beauty on CL.

The machine was extremely dirty, but appeared to be in excellent working condition.

Aside from a deep clean, there were a few minor mechanical issues that I noticed during my pre-purchase inspection that I will need to fix during this restoration.

1. Steam is leaking out of the steam wand at the top where it connects to the valve. This is likely due to dried up O-rings.
2. The pressure gauge appears to be broken.

I decided to do a complete tear down in order to get the machine up to my standards.

I welcome any feedback or recommendations on the process.

Body panels removed to begin complete disassembly:

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Bmccall (original poster)
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#2: Post by Bmccall (original poster) »

Tear down begins...

Bmccall (original poster)
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#3: Post by Bmccall (original poster) »

Body panels cleaned.

Boiler was soaked in vinegar and then boiled in descaling solution.

Bmccall (original poster)
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#4: Post by Bmccall (original poster) »

Pressure washed the frame.

Soaking the lines in a vinegar bath. I'll let them soak for a few days.

After tearing the machine apart I have determined that I will need to replace every single o-ring and gasket. The items highlighted in yellow are what I intend to replace during the process.


#5: Post by KaffeeKrazy »

Looks like a fun project! Thanks for sharing!

SouL Master

#6: Post by SouL Master »

That's an amazing work. I suggest dismantling all solenoid valve to clean them or better to replace them

Replace vacuum and safety valves too.

Keep us posted 8)

Bmccall (original poster)
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#7: Post by Bmccall (original poster) » replying to SouL Master »

Thank you for the advice! I did dismantle the solenoid valves to clean them and they appear to be in excellent condition. I will look into replacing the safety valves though.

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Bmccall (original poster)
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Removing the group head cap proved to be a difficult task. A custom "tool" needed to made in order to apply the required torque to break the cap loose. This was made out of parts that I had laying around the garage. I found bolts that created a snug fit in the three holes. Not the prettiest thing, but it did the job.

SouL Master

#9: Post by SouL Master »

Keep going .. U have the needed :D


#10: Post by mammamia »

Exiting project! plz go on. Your technique and passion are delightful to a lot of folks here(including me absolutely)