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I'm back.

I followed Norvin's advice. I cut a slot across the screw head with a hacksaw blade (see picture). I applied liquid wrench every day for a week to let it do its thing. At first I used a good old screwdriver. The screw would not turn. Then I set out to buy an impact screwdriver. While waiting to purchase a set, I applied liquid wrench regularly. Once I had the impact screwdriver, I tried to remove the screw, but again, it wouldn't move.

I'm stuck. I'm considering giving up. I can't remove that one boiler screw to see what the interior of the boiler is like and clean it up. Any more expense to try to restore this old Gaggia coffee may be in vain, as I may not be able to find group gaskets or O-Rings gaskets for the boiler.

At this point I'm considering looking for another machine with similar features, but which has readily available spare parts. I only drink one or two coffees every morning, preferably double espressos. A basic single boiler machine with an OPV and 3 way valve would suit me fine. I thought the OWC would fit the bill :(