Restoration of a Caravel de Luxe...

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Vakse Viggo

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I am in the middle of a big overhaul, of this beautiful old Caravel de Luxe, down to the last little skrew.

Pictures will follow the mean time, here is a video of the grinder. The black grinder behind the Caravel, is a Gyro Super from the same company...also a restoration project in the future.
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What an incredible machine! That has rocket ship written all over it. Looking forward to the restoration.

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Vakse Viggo

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Cleaning up the base...there is something very therapeutic about this, and also great satisfaction. :wink:

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Vakse Viggo

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Here are a few pictures of the progress so far....

The hopper after a good plastic in sight!

This is the plate, that connects the shaft from the motor, to the shaft that is connected to the inner burr. I only mannage to get it out a little, but need a bearing removal tool to get it the rest of the way.

You can clearly see where the capasitor was placed, and where it has leaked.

Motor plate. 1420 RPM and 0,5 horse power.

The top cover where the capasitor made a mess.

Motor, turning plate that connects the two shafts (green), burr housing/shaft. The very front of the machine is the coarse/fine setting and chute.

The inner burr has a dia. of 74,5 mm

The outer burr has a dia. of 81,5 mm

From the hopper.

I have never seen this type of burr before, and not able to find any info about them. I would guess its called something like...Commercial Conical Burrs??
If anyone has seen these before, please let me know.

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Vakse Viggo

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Looks like the capasitor was not the only problem...bummer! :|

The motor has two grease valves, one by each of the two bearings. The contact next to the bearing, is completely covered in old grease. I have no idea how the fire started...result of the capacitor failing, copper wire connection failiure, the contact being covered in grease...or all of the above?

Feel free to come with suggestions on what to do next, and if possible, save the motor somehow.

Here is the damage...

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#6: Post by doubleOsoul »

OMG.... I have a scrappy little photo of one. Always wanted to see a de Luxe in live time!

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Fantastic find and well worth any investment. Cosmetically it seems complete and in decent shape. A competent commercial electric motor repair shop should be able to repair that, tho it will be spendy. All windings will probably have to be replaced. Looks like someone tried lubing the zerks as if it was a car suspension and kept waiting for excess grease to squirt out...
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Vakse Viggo

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I think you are right about the grease was just everywhere. Will have to order a couple of closed bearings, that does not require lubrication.

I also have to find more information about the winding of the motor.

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Vakse Viggo

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Part 3 of the rebuild...sorry about the sound.

Oh, and did I mention it is heavy? Had it on a scale the other day, and it came in at 47,4 Kilo or 104,5 Pounds!!


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Man that is a good looking grinder! And such an interesting looking burr set. Looking forward to seeing how it performs if you get it running!

Be worth having even if it never turns on anyway, just for that classic design.