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Hi Everyone,
I've been following this forum for awhile now and finally went in on a restoration project. There are some great threads and tech articles available, so I've been soaking it all up.

The PO had this one sitting for a long time due to the water not heating, so I think a heating element and refresh are in order. That's being said, I'm happy to chase and learn on this one! :lol:

Can any one help ID this model and point me in a direction for resources/parts? I can't find anything on it. Even approximate year of mfg.

That being said, I also assume it can work with generic sizes...washers, gaskets, o-rings etc, but it would be great to have a reference.

Tag Reads: La Cremoka by Moka D'oro

So Far:

Two groups.
RPM motor
Sirai pressurestat unit
Right Start Toggle (green) looks like replacement.

Thanks in advance and glad to be in touch. I hope to document this journey here! Also feel free to chime in with any feedback whatsoever!


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La Cremoka is an importer/reseller of espresso machines, I think they're out in Long Island?

You're looking at a rebranded machine of some sort. My gut says it's something by Astoria/CMA or La Cimbali, maybe someone else recognizes the model?
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It's seems a rebranded La Spaziale model, but don't remember what model.

SFBullnose (original poster)

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Thanks Nico & Giampiero!

I did find a company in Farmingdale, NY but unclear if they are still in business. Also, almost no other marking whatsoever.

I looked through a google image search of those MFGs.

La Spaziale machines seem to have that general shape....


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The vertical boiler with steam tubes to the groups marks it as La Spaziale. Looks pretty similar internally to a New EK/Rapid, but they used the same parts in other machines.

SFBullnose (original poster)

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Thanks Jim H! Yes, I'm think I'm on the right track now. I found a few similar examples floating around online. So looks like a New EK, maybe something called a Special EP, which was the semi-auto version.

La Spaziale S2 EK

New EK Single Group

I've found a parts list on the ... q2g9s6srk6

What upgrades do you all recommend getting for it..types of portafilters, etc ?

Also, any general tips for the disassembly and inspection phase ?


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What are your goals? Just get it working? Do preventative maintenance throughout? Full cleaning and restoration of every part?

If it were me, I'd start by trying to fix broken things and get it fully functional. Don't assume that 'not heating' = 'new element.' Checking the resistance on the element can tell you if it is shorted. The problem could also be upstream if the element isn't getting power.

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Randy G.

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You have received good advice. Since it is not a 'rare' or 'highly collectible' machine, the first step is to just get it working. When you have done a full diagnoses as to exactly what it needs, right down to the gaskets, get the total cost for what it will take to get it working properly and in good condition, then decide if the machine is worth that to you (or anyone else).
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SFBullnose (original poster)

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Thanks Jed and Randy G!
I appreciate the feedback. Copy that on the upstream diagnosis for the heating issue. 8)

Mainly my goals are to get the machine functional and also use it as an exercise for my own knowledge. Hopefully, to take some wrinkles with me onto the next project. If it pulls a decent shot, I'd be thrilled.

I will definitely keep bottom line costs in mind as I deciding wether to go all in...always a good idea to turn back if I'm sinking to much into it.

My assumption was that some cleaning/preventative maintenance would need to happed just to get it to a functionally state.
I guess I'm a little naive to how robust these machines are after sitting for few years.