Restoration of a Faema Due 1-group

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Finished machine

Hi all,

These are a few pictures of the restoration of a faema due i bought for 100 euros at a greek restaurant. The machine was in pretty good shape but i decided to strip down and completely overhaul. I insulated the boiler to reduce energy consumption and it works great. The machine stays cold on top. There was some scale but not too much. Descaled all parts in acid and cleaned. New o-rings in the water level glass (complete kit), filling block overhaul, resistor oring...

Parts from faema suplier in hasselt belgium.

I was lucky the pump and manometer were new so the machine seemed to have had a good service life, saving me exchanging the most expensive parts.

The water level probe i put in the tank, and the air release valve on the waterlevel glass, so in case of scaling in tubing, the machine will not spill over.
The tea water is still yellow, so i have to rince it alot.

Will put this machine at my work so all collegues can enjoy a nice cup of coffee :-)

Machine cost:100€ incl mill and descaler
Parts cost: 100€

The machine still operates with a pressostate switch. Do people mod these machines with a PID regulator and a electronic solid state relay? Its a boiler with a heath exchanger coffeeboiler to heath up the coffee brewing group, so i guess it makes sense to pid control the brewing group as well. The controllers are on aliexpress and are very cheap.

Greetings from Belgium


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BaristaBoy E61

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Nice job - great score at that price. I don't know that a PID will make a big difference with a HX machine but you can try.

Seems that by insulating the boiler you lost much of the utility of the cup warmer.

Keep posting - I'm interested!
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Yeah the cup warming is very energy consuming and we use paper cups anyway :-)