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CambodianBeast wrote:Based on these observations, should I try to lower the boiler level probe a little by giving the top nut a few more turns? Should I look into getting a slightly longer replacement? Maybe lift the two left legs of the machine a couple millimeters?
No. Turning the gland nut does not change the water level - it simply increases the compression of the teflon insulating sleeve against the probe. You have the correct water level now and I would take no action to change it.

What's going on here is, I now believe, attributable to the action of your PID controller. For example, if I turn Anita on from dead cold, it takes 5.25 minutes for the boiler to reach 1.15 bar but only about 2.75 minutes for the vacuum breaker valve to close. I'm (again) wagering that your times are somewhat longer because the controller is causing the rise to 252 F to be smooth as silk.

Check your timing against mine and give us a report. Who did the PID install? Have you changed any values of P, I, or D?

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Sorry for the long silence - and thanks again for all the suggestions and advice.

The boiler level problem resolved with extensive flushing/refilling of the boiler water through the hot water tap - leading me to conclude that much of the problem was due to descaling solution in the boiler. I did not deactivate the boiler refill mechanism prior to descaling, and (although this had not presented a problem before) caused the boiler level to go crazy high (as EricS smartly concluded above).

The steam is back to baseline, and the doubles are pouring better than ever (thanks in part to my new Behmor - what a joy compared to the old air roaster!).

I will be replacing the vacuum breaker valve soon, but for now it's closing and opening at the appropriate times.

As for the PID settings, I bought the machine with the PID installed and have not had the time to investigate them. The current setup has worked great for 2 years now, so I am inclined to leave the PID as is.