Repairing flickering light on Illy espresso machine

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#1: Post by Ari8d »

I have an Illy Francis Francis machine (looks like the x7.1 but it uses grounds not capsules), and in the past couple days, the main light has been flickering. It's not a blinking light like the machine needs servicing, it's more like the lightbulb is burning out. I'm wondering if anyone can point me to a way to fix it or tell me if this is even possible. Maybe the faceplate can be removed and I can repair something?

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#2: Post by ira »

I've repaired one Francis Francis machine pre Illy. It had a very simple electronics board with a cooked FET and burnt up resistor. Replaced them both, the FET I could still read and the resistor value I found somewhere, here or the web. Also fixed the issue with the FET's heatsink not actually being able to act as a heatsink because of a really stupid design. So, I'd suggest unplugging it and opening it up to have a look inside and if you're lucky, it will be obvious like the one I fixed was and if it's a similar failure mode, the faster you catch it, the better.