Repair shop in Chicago area

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Hi all I'm looking for recommendations on a repair shop or individual in the Chicago area. I have a Salvatore Heat Exchange machine in need of repair. TIA

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I don't happen to be aware of anybody who works on common espresso machines in the Chicago area - I'd be interested if anybody knows of one...
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I would ask a couple of coffee joints who they use. more than likely they work on individual's equipment also.

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Google will turn up several Chicago companies that specialize in coffee machines and grinders, and get high ratings. But I've never used any of them, so have no recommendations. Large roasters like Intelligentsia and Metropolis repair the machines they lease; but I do not know if they still take other business. You might call around, and see if you find someone who knows what they are talking about.
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If you don't find anyone local, you could send it to Kanen Coffee in the SF Bay area. They seem to be a pretty active repair center, and you can a ton of their videos on YouTube. You might find that there's a lot of commonality between your machine and other brands. If you're even slightly mechanical, you could probably repair it yourself, and there's enough talent here on H-B that you'll get quite a lot of assistance.