Repair Pressure Gauge?

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I think I know the answer to this, but I'll ask anyway :wink:
I have two pressure gauges intended to measure the brewing pressure on e61 group heads, an ECM and a Coffee Sensor. The one that came with the ECM flow control kit no longer sits on the zero pin; so it reads about a bar too high. It wasn't always like this, as I recall. The one that came with the Coffee Sensor FC kit sits too hard against the pin and so has always read about a bar too low. The question is, can these be recalibrated? Most analogue thermometers have a nut on the back of the dial and the dial can be turned so that the temperature can be recalibrated; for example, to read 100 C in boiling water. Alas, both pressure gauges have squarish shanks at the back, but appear to be held in the case with two screws. So, I tuned my attention to trying to remove the glass to be able to move the needle on its pin. However, the bezel on the ECM appears to be crimped permanently in place. The CS one appears to be a simple pressure fit, but on the other hand it does not respond to modest pressure to remove it.