Removing black stains on top of Breville/Sage Dual Boiler

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#1: Post by mangoie »

Hey everyone,
Today I removed some cups on top of my BDB and saw these black water stain like marks. I've tried several things to get them off, but haven't maneged thus far. Does anybody know or have a suggestion how to remove these stains?

Thanks in advance...


#2: Post by vancy »

Some suggestions:
- use a micro fiber cloth as it leaves less streaks than regular dish clothes
- try vinegar solution (1:2 vinegar:water ratio) or diluted dish soap
- since the those parts are plastic, avoid using anything abrasive. This would cause the plastic to dull and is a lot harder to make it look shiny again.
- if those stains are greasy / gummy, use something like Goo Gone or Loctite degreaser. You might want to test a spot first to make sure it doesn't harm the finish of the plastic.
- sometimes a diaper wipe or alcohol wipe does wonders for stains.

Good luck!


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I would try one of those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

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WD 40 might work.
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mangoie (original poster)

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I'll give all the tips a go, thanks. Who knows :D


#6: Post by vancy »

Be careful with the magic eraser, it can be abrasive. Test on a spot first and start gentle.