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#11: Post by cannonfodder »

Does the same process work for a Gaggia Factory? I would assume so since it is essentially a re-branded Pro. I have removed the piston and screen to clean and everything looks to be the same.
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#12: Post by srobinson (original poster) »

I have not used the Gaggia but from CoffeeGeek (link):
The Gaggia Factory is exactly the same as a La Pavoni Pro, or Europiccola, depending on the model, and is manufactured by La Pavoni.
Steps should be the same.
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#13: Post by caeffe »

srobinson wrote:
Step 1
The first step that you want to do is to remove the lock nuts on the core plunger stem. 14mm wrench will do. It is advised to do this step first before removing the handle or you will find that the plunger stem will rotate.
I'm about to refeather my peacock. I'm stymied when trying to remove the handle. How does one remove does dang c-clips w/o damaging them?
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#14: Post by A2chromepeacock » replying to caeffe »

yeah, it's annoying. I just use a flat-head screwdriver, put the corner of it in there, and be careful not to damage the chrome behind it. actually works okay. you could put a little piece of scotch tape on the end of the screwdriver too for a bit of protection.

have fun!

p.s. i don't recommend being too close to the sink when taking off the c-clips.

p.p.s. please don't ask why. :oops:


#15: Post by JohnH »

A thin bladed screwdriver is placed between the pin and the inside of the clip, then just rotate the handle of the screw driver. It should pop right off. Hope this works.


#16: Post by pbud »

Thanks for this great post! Just followed it and everything's working well with no more group head leak.

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#17: Post by drgary »

caeffe wrote:I'm about to refeather my peacock. I'm stymied when trying to remove the handle. How does one remove does dang c-clips w/o damaging them?
I've found the best tool for this is a wooden chopstick with the handle squared off. I use the handle end to nudge out the spring clip. The softness of the wood prevents damaging the finish. It's also good for sliding the clip back on. And I agree with an earlier post. Don't do this near the sink, unless you want a different kind of sink shot!

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#18: Post by homeburrero »

caeffe wrote: How does one remove does dang c-clips w/o damaging them?
There are two types of c-clip, most are like the one on the right and are easy to get off with chopsticks. The one on the left is from my Pavoni Romantica. (I don't think those are standard/stock, but were replacements.) Those are harder to get off. The thin screwdriver works, if you don't have circlip pliers, but is liable to spread them a bit. For example, the one on the left will slip over the end of the pin, and would be at risk of coming off. (I fixed that after the photo by carefully squashing it closer using a vice grip.)

And definitely, use the scotch tape trick and stay away from the sink.
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#19: Post by mhoy »

Helping a friend get his sisters Pavoni working again. Got a full rebuild kit from Orphan Espresso (amazing shipping speed). For the life of me I can't get the back pin out that attaches the lever to the group head. All the c-clips came off easy. The front pin came out easily too. I wonder if it's rusted into place? I can get it clean enough without taking it apart, but I wouldn't mind getting in there with some DOW lubricant so it doesn't happen again.

Suggestions welcome.


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#20: Post by homeburrero »

Check out this post (from Doug at OE) : If Levers could talk - about dealing with a frozen lever rod pin.
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