Random steam boiler blowoff, what is causing this?

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the machine is about 18 months old, it started xmas day, i had to hit the reset button (unscrewing the top) 2nd time , it didnt trip the fault, this time it started going off at 6am scaring the crap of me while i was sleeping.

what causes all this extra pressure? Before this video i (when it was blowing) i ran water through the spout and the steam wand. it still made that noise again, so i ran more water through... finally stopped.

any ideas?

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Since your machine is an HX with a pressurestat, my first suspicion would be a sticking pressurestat. When it sticks, the pressure would continue to mount until the overpressure valve on the boiler opens to avoid the boiler bursting or the over temperature thermostat (the one you had to reset) pops, or both. The temperature and the boiler pressure are directly related; the higher the temperature, the higher the pressure. You can see that the pressure is too high on your video; the manometer is way higher than it should read, even after the safety valve lets off some steam. The solution would be to replace the pressurestat. You could see if you can free it up by turning the adjustment back and forth (see video here) https://support.clivecoffee.com/rocket- ... ssure-stat But, really, I'd change it out. I think the one in your machine is a Mater XP-110.

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It's an overheating appartamento, what a cliche.

You'll find many many threads in these Espresso Machines and Repairs forums. If you want to start with a photo of your pressostat we can advise WHICH wiring scheme your machine was wired up with and whether or not to change it (or if you're lucky) whether just changing the Pressostat will buy it another 18 months.

I believe that they come with a 2 year warranty. Contact your retailer, get permission before making any changes that would void a warranty and see if they'll replace the pressostat for you.

In the future, when it's out of warranty, you may want to consider options like adding a Solid State Relay to the element circuit to protect the contacts on the P-Stat. (That too is in these forums, with enough digging).

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I bought a pressure gauge and attach it to the group head and then I lowered the pressure in my machine because from what I was told it comes too high when you first get it. It actually helped a lot with my brew of espresso.

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This is not related to the original problem you posted about the machine suddenly releasing steam.

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but it kinda is sine you linked me the "how to" of the pressure stat, and i adjusted it, because before there was too much pressure in the group head..

Im going to take it into to shop for a warranty. hopefully

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I think you should. If the machine is still under warranty, have them just make sure the pressostat isn't sticking.

I think the "Pressure too high from factory" is usually referring to the pressure that the brew circuit's OPV is set to. It wouldn't affect the boiler blowing off steam so long as the machine isn't leaking from the brew circuit and heat exchanger into the boiler.