Rancilio Silvia v6 short circuit.

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Hello everybody,

Ive purchased 2021 a brand new rancilio silvia and since yesterday the machine trips the circuit breaker if i try and turn it on.

I have been trying around with disconnecting some cables.
And i figure out that if i disconnect those 2 cables it turns on

The same happens on those 2 cables

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Breaker as in the breaker box or GFCI?
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Dinez (original poster)

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Breaker box

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They look like they connect to the heater. If you have an ohmmeter, check its resistance. It should be around 10 ohms. If it is less than 4, it will trip you circuit An instant trip is more like a dead short. This can happen if the heater has a hole that exposes the wiring to the water. You may need a new heater.
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Dinez (original poster)

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its a 2021 model is it really that easy that the heater breaks?
I mean it still has warranty..

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Have the retailer check it.

If you didn't fill the boiler before letting it melt its element, they'll know by the burnt element.\

If the element's casing isn't melted, they'll probably replace it under warranty.

Don't melt the new one. Fill the boiler immediately after turning the machine on.

Dinez (original poster)

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Thanks for all the replies.
Got an email back telling me to send the machine back to them to check for warranty.
I dont really know if it would be worth it cause id probably pay above 100euros alone for the shipping to italy from greece.