Rancilio Silvia (v6) 120V modify to 230V

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I am moving from Canada to Ireland. I wanna mod my 120V silvia to accept the new 230V voltage. I have seen this discussed a bit before but nothing conclusive. Has anyone _actually_ done it and are the some gotchas I have not considered?

I need a new boiler element, pump and 3-way solenoid valve? Is that all? (I'll need a new solid-state relay for the home-brew PID too).

I looked at the rocker switches and they all appear to be rated at both 120V and 230V (based on the text on the side of the buttons). What about the power (green) and heating element (orange) bulbs? Does anyone know their voltage rating?

Is there anything else which needs to be done? Is there something I'm missing?

Thanks in advance.

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Apart from the plug or an adapter
Heating element,
coil for solenoid
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Good point! I'll need to wire a new plug or get a UK/Ireland compatible cable. Thanks!

Does anyone know about the green and orange power indicator bulbs? Are they rated to 230V?

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I've never cared before about why it says "Not for European or Australian Silvia M"... But it at least answers the question. Yes, the 240V machines do use different lamps than the 120V Silvias.

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Thanks for the info. Super helpful. Thank you!