Rancilio Silvia v5. FLASH BANG

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#1: Post by orca987 »

This happened two weeks ago. Just got around to posting now since I was away...

After pulling an awesome shot this morning, I pressed the brew switch again to flush out the grouphead. FLASH BANG! Lost power and got a whiff of something burning. I disconnected the power, pulled the top off, and saw this!

I contacted support. Not under warranty since it's a V5. They said 'no' to shipping me replacement parts. They think the element faulted and sent a high charge through the hot (black) cable causing it to melt. Probably need to do a resistance test on the element before I change the wires. Anyone know what the ohms value is?

Also, any idea from looking at the picture as to what happened??

Team HB

#2: Post by JRising »

Just check resistance to boiler ground (with multimeter set to highest ohms range, 20k or 200k or whatever it is).


#3: Post by saabracer23 »

Looks like the grey wire melted into the black. If you measure the resistance of the element figure somewhere between 10 and 20 ohms. If it's much lower like 2-3 then it's shorted, much higher it's going open. I'd say assess all of the carnage and post your findings.



#4: Post by Pressino »

I can't see what's going on with the grey wire where it crosses the black, but the insulation is melted in several spots along the thick black wire and there is one scorched spot on the red wire that is close to the black one and looks like it may have shorted out against something (maybe the black wire?). I'm not sure which wires are hot, neutral, or grounded, but clearly there was a short circuit somewhere. Maybe due to worn insulation. There is a spot on the thinner black wire between the larger red and grey wires where the insulation is obviously cracked. Maybe something like that on other wires led to the machine's short circuit.