Rancilio Silvia Steam Knob Removal

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I have a 2006 Silvia. I'm doing some maintenance, and I decided to rehab the steam valve. But I can't figure out how to get the knob off. Everything I've seen says to pull hard. But I can't pull hard enough to get it out. I see there's a clip inside. Should I remove that? And how do you do that actually?
Seems like a silly thing but I need to get it off, and I don't want to break it.
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Welcome to HB Bob!

If the knob is held on by a 'C' or 'E' type clip it needs to be pried off with a fine screwdriver by placing a corner of the screwdriver between the space between the top or bottom of the clip and the centre element of the 'E' and pry the clip off gently.

These clips have a great tendency to go flying off to the nether reaches of the room your in to never to be found again easily. When performing this procedure, it's a good idea that once you have your screwdriver in place to cover the shaft, clip and knob with a a towel or rag to trap the clip before it's lost - or worse yet, to not damage an eye.

Use of Safety Glasses would be a good precaution!

I've attached a pic with a knife showing the 'E' Clip in our Hot Water Spigot valve's knob assembly with exactly where to place the fine flat blade screwdriver corner. Do not use a knife point as you will break off the tip and ruin your knife!

The clip is remounted by placing it back into the groove with a needle nose plier and then pressing it into place with the pliers with the jaws between the back of the centre of the 'E' and the bottom of the grooved shaft. You might want to use the rag trick again as this clip can go flying again.

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Just pull it straight forward out of the machine... If the valve stem has been leaking, it may be crusty and stuck, but there's no way it will break the valve to just pull it off. Worst case scenario, it may break the black plastic knob.
If it does crack the plastic, the new knobs fit the old machines.

bob@bobgall.com (original poster)

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Thanks for the reply. I don't think the Silvia uses the C or E flat type clip. The knob is fixed to the rod that goes to the valve, so you can't take it off independently. But thanks anyway, I'll be on the look out. Those clips are a real pain.

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Thanks for the reply. The knob and stem have never ben off in the 10+ years I've had the Silvia. But there is a spring clip that's about 1/4 inch wide that holds something. I thought I should remove that, and I've ordered another one of those, thinking it could break on removal since its pretty old. Does this sound right.
And thanks to all for replies to my questions. It's great to have company out there that love these machines and have experience.

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If you see rust on that black spring clip, yes. Replace it. It will just get stuck to the valve stem again, if it's been damp and gotten rusty.
It comes with the complete "15 10060186 WHOLE STEAM HAND WHEEL SILVIA /08" according to the Silvia M parts manual.

https://www.chriscoffee.com/products/ne ... steam-knob

It goes without saying, if your valve has been leaking up the stem, fix the leak. "36402001 O-RING 6,07 X 1,78 EPDM 105" 2 pieces.
(Not on Chris Coffee site by part number 36402001, but maybe ask them.