Rancilio Silvia - steam and (a lot of) water returning to water tank

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I have an issues with my Silvia (V3), probably related to the OPV.
When checking the brewing pressure (by measuring the water returning to the water tank thru the OPV), I get a lot (!) of water returning. When in steam mode the steam is returning to the tank as well. I have tried to adjust the OPV: But it seems like it does not influence the pressure. I have taken the OPV apart and nothing looks off. The o-ring also looks ok.
Anyone with an idea to help me solve this?

Kind regards!

Team HB

#2: Post by JRising »

Can you test the pressure with a portafilter-mounted gauge to determine what pressure the brew circuit is holding with the pump on and full flow going over the OPV?

If not, it's probably safe to assume that replacing the OPV would benefit the machine, but it's nice to know the before and after. I am assuming that your valveface is falling apart. If you can find just the valveface, you could replace just it.
In the U.S. Stefano's would be your go to. I don't know who to search for in the EU... My googling is trying to give me Canadian results.
https://www.espressocare.com/products/i ... -gasket-06