Rancilio Silvia - Return hose blockage

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Morning everyone,

First post here as I've finally run into a problem reading old posts can't solve. I realize the return hose on a used Rancilio Silvia I bought is blocked. The pressure when pulling a shot is good, and the steam wand works, so I thought it must be a blockage in the solenoid 3 way valve.

Here's my problem. I can't get the black solenoid exhaust fitting off. I've tried very hard and essentially scrapped the piece. I'm not worried about the piece as it costs 15$ and I'll replace it, but I still need to get it off. Any thoughts on how to do so?

Picture attached.


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Continue destroying it

The plastic is just spinning on the brass "nut" inside. Once you get the plastic to break free, you can grip the brass with vise-grips.

fxroberge (original poster)

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I will return to the destruction after work this evening! All I needed was one internet stranger smarter than me to tell me to keep going at it!

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