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Here is another Miss Silvia restoration project that I took on for myself. Wanted to revive this girl for another handful of years of shot pulling. What started out as a budget rebuild of an eBay purchase quickly got out of control some. Anyway, my hotrod take on an old favorite machine.

How I found her rusted and used up.

After some changes:
Auber PID internal mounted
Baristapro Nanotechnology Basket 18gr
IMS flat screen w resest screw
Bottomless portafilter
Liquid filled pressure gauge
Backslash jewling/turning because Hot Rod
Polishing throughout
All new gaskets through-out
Boiler Insulation, 2 layers
Heat & sound insulation throughout and around pump area walls
Pump Drip funnel
Powdercoating flat black to match my kettle with crackled silver/black to change it up.
Hardware swapped out for stainless

Final shots:

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BaristaBoy E61

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Welcome to HB Steve

What a beautiful, well-done job!

Have you given any thought to marketing an Up-Grade Kit that would duplicate what you have done?

I especially like the KvdW Speedster Engine Turned front panel & liquid filled pressure gauge.

Thanks for posting & please post back!
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I've had my Silvia for almost 5 years now and she's just starting to show her age. The powdercoat is starting to chip and the group cover came off. I'd love to have her restored like that. Minus the black. Also, the position of my PID is awkward, your's is better.

Chaplain (original poster)

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Thank you so much for the kind words, I wasn't sure if people would like my hotrod approach to this project. Engine turning is a skill-set that I have always admired by true craftsmen that do it well. Its a cool look when done right.

I'm not big fan of black things but wanted to match my Fello kettle so thats the rout I took. Some items are also painted in gloss black to try and tie in the Zero.. The crackled silver/black frame breaks it up and also matches all the stainless I polished. With the light maple wood accents things flow nicely IMHO.

I haven't thought about selling everything but will tell you it was a pain sourcing all the bits especially the odd ball metric fittings. I ordered parts through at least 4 outfits. Mounting the PID internally was tricky because it takes up needed real-estate to adjust the pressure valve. I ended up clocking the valve with a brass washer, routing the pump tube straight down through the access hole and back around into the reservoir. Way different then oem but better.

All in all I'm pleased with how it turned out and hope others enjoy it as well. Thanks again.