Rancilio Silvia - Pump Works Continuously & Brew Shorting

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I have an old Rancilio Silvia. Today it was left turned on for a long while (just the power, not brewing or any other mode). At some point, I heard the pump working for longer than expected. I tried turning the machine off and letting it rest, but when I turned it back on the pump started working again and wouldn't stop. I tried resetting the boiler - no change. When I turned the brew switch on, it tripped the GFCI breaker. I tried disconnecting the pump, heating element, and pretty much every other element I could recognize (one element at a time), but the brew switch still trips the breaker. Any insights as to what I should be looking into next? Thank you!

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Since the pump should never turn itself on in a Silvia without the brew switch or water switch on, my thoughts immediately go to "Bad Switch", but which one? Without seeing it, I doubt I could troubleshoot it, I hope it's something obvious enough that you find it.

If you're not familiar with http://www.espressomyespresso.com/Silvi ... iring.html have a look at the wiring diagram. It may help.

With the brew switch off, does turning on the water switch trip the GFCI?

randew (original poster)

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Thank you for your reply! The hot water switch does not trip the GFCI. Also, even with the brew and hot water switches entirely disconnected, the pump still started working immediately when turning the machine on. When I disconnected the white line from the solenoid, the pump was no longer automatically triggered, yet the brew switch still tripped the GFCI. I then reconnected it and again disconnected the two switches, and the GFCI tripped when I tried turning the machine on. Is it safe to assume the solenoid is the issue?