Rancilio Rocky grind setting after burr replacement

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#1: Post by mosten »

I've had a Rancilio Rocky for about 10 years and I just replaced the burrs on. Since it was new to get an espresso grind from it the burrs have to be set to almost 0, meaning the burrs are almost touching, tightened down as far as it will turn. Also, the 0 on the gauge is never zero, it's never even sort of lined up with the zero and the line, it's maybe a quarter turn from where it should be.

Is this normal?

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#2: Post by emradguy »

Not sure of the question here. If I understand correctly, you're able to get the grinder setting where you want it adjusted, and are simply wondering why the zero mark isn't at the point where the burrs touch? It is normal for the "zero" setting to move as burrs wear, especially early in the burr life and then, also, after changing old burrs to new. If you want to have the zero mark in the "correct" spot, you have to mark it yourself or move the Rancilio provided markings. I haven't owned a Rocky in many years, and don't recall if you even can move the markings, but it doesn't really matter. If you're so inclined, you can find the point at which the burrs just touch, and mark that as your new zero.
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Have had my Rocky for about 4 years ago and waiting for the Key to arrive. Not sure if you've done the stepless mod, but well worth it for espresso dialing in. Resetting to 0 is easy - check out this old SCG vid. Start watching around the 11:30 mark for how to replace the burrs and resetting
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