Rancilio Epoca boiler not filling

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Hello coffee lovers,

My apologies for such a lengthy post but I need some technical help.

I recently purchased a broken Rancilio Epoca S1 (the one with the tank). I am hoping someone can help me with troubleshooting. The boiler will not fill and pump continues to run (see video 1, link below). As the boiler is not filling, I initially thought it could be pump or the level probe. Water is getting to the group head but not the steam wand or hot water valve. I have replaced the pump and level probe. I have checked that solenoid, electrically it is operational (see video 2, link below). I can also hear the solenoid click, the shuttle may be stuck so I am soaking the solenoid in white vinegar (see pic).

From the attached video the pump seems to be dead heading and returning the water to the tank. I have descaled all the pipework. My theory is the piece directly after the pump (see pic) is blocked. I do not know the name of this piece. Could this be the cause of the problem? If so, what is the name of this piece? I will try order a new one.

I am probably incorrect but I am hoping someone will have the solution to my problem. I have put in too much effort so far to just give up on the repair. Any information or help is greatly appreciated.


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If water gets through the group just fine, then it's only the steam circuit that's clogged. If the pump is running constantly and the boiler-fill solenoid is constantly charged, then the machine's trying to fill, you just need to find and unclog the clog.

The 2 circuits tee off from each other inside that plastic multi-valve from which all the copper tubing leads. I expect that the dark rectangle represents a mesh filter, so I'd guess that, or the restriction after the mesh or the solenoid valve(EC) or the checkvalve. Something in that path (red circle)
through the multi-valve is your clogged component.

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DaveOM (original poster)

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Thanks for that pal, much appreciated. I'm gonna open it up again and see if I can resolve it. Can I ask where you got the drawing/engineering manual from?


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I'm an authorized repair center. I don't think it's easily accessible to everyone but you can see what you're allowed to access on:



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I just resolved what we're looking at with that PA item. That's a manual boiler fill.

Fire her back up, if it's trying and failing to fill with its own Autofill, but you push the lever on that PA (probably a little aluminum lever on the "wall side" of the big plastic valve block, and water gets through and into the boiler, then you're proving it's clogged at something in parallel with the PA, either the mesh, the restrictor or the solenoid valve... So it rules out that final check valve.

DaveOM (original poster)

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Thanks again mate. I still haven opened her up yet. In in the middle of a shut down in work, crazy busy, long hours. I'll try it on the weekend, hopefully it works.