Quickmill Vetrano 2b Evo pump issues

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I've had my vetrano for at least 8 years I think. Always ran great, except noticed the flow was less the other day and the pump was quieter. Also the brew pressure is at 4.

I contacted Chris Coffee and they have been helpful over email, however I think they are gone for the weekend possibly so figured I would ask for advice as I finally had the balls to open the machine up and figure it out.

I was advised I should descale but I can't use the reservoir any more ( water isn't sucking in- I plumb it in normally) I was told I should find out why. Here is what was asked:
You are not going to get brew pressure if the machine does not pull water. Try descaling your machine using reservoir mode. If the machine does not pull water in reservoir mode, you would need to take off the panels to track where the blockage is. Depending on the age of the machine, there could be a mesh screen and a giggler in the pump. See attached photos. There should be a giggler in the pump area. See attached photos before you check this area to help pin point the issue.
I checked the tube from the top and removed it, turned on machine and water flowed ( as expected I think).

I then removed the clamp from the pump and dropped it down to try to find the giggler? I guess I'm supposed to see if its clogged a little but I can't unscrew anything from the pump. I don't want to break it but u just can't unscrew the darn pieces.

Here are a few pics, any help is appreciated!!!



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Do you eventually checked even the giggler on the top of the group head?
Anyway the giggler in the pump is connected to the T fitting as marked, but as you said it's quite hard to unscrew due to there is a thread locker.
Just to understand if the pump still in good shape, what pressure you reach once you provide a backflushing with the blind filter?

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Brew pressure was like 4, and the same eirh blank filter. I managed to get it unthreaded and have that piece soaking.

Do I need a new pump?



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Ok so I took fittings off pump, cleaned them up with vinegar and put it all back together. The brew pressure remains 4 bars (with and without blank filter) and i get 5.5 ounces of water out of group in 30 seconds.

Water resevior still doesn't pull water after switching to resevior mode.

Not sure what else I can do other than take it in for repair. Any suggestions?

Thank you!


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There are check valves and solenoids in the water paths of both plumbed and reservoir lines. This could prevent water from being delivered to the pump form the reservoir. You might also remove the pump pressure adjusting nut and check for a stuck bypass valve.