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Check if inadvertently you partially rotated the knob of that valve, or at least verify if still in the proper position.
Easy check.

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Ya will check it for sure , thanks !

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We are looking for anything that would block water getting easily to the pump inlet from the reservoir which could cause cavitation OR anything that might allow air to get to the pump inlet which would make a similar sound. Crud blocking pipes, selector valve partially closed, a solenoid valve that is not opening all the way, a fitting letting some air in the line when the pump activates, etc.

If this machine can be plumbed in, you could set it up on that circuit and see if the problem persists (to determine if it's the reservoir circuit that is at fault).

Connect the flex hose to the plumb-in inlet of the machine, dunk the other end in a big water bottle on the counter next to the machine, turn the selector knob to plumbed-in.

I've done this a few times with a Rocket equipped with a rotary pump to serve coffee at an event. At first, the pump will make that cavitation sound as it sucks some air that's in the hose, but after that, it should get really quiet as long as there is water in the bottle. If it stays quiet, there's something in the reservoir circuit.
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