Quickmill Anita problems after setting unused for 1 year

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Hi All, I have a Quickmill Anita that has been setting unused for about a year or so now giving me some problems. I filled and cleaned the tank, powered her up and the pump kicked on and sounded funny. All lights were on and it was heating up and the steam worked. But I do not think that the pump was working and it sucked no water into the boiler. I don't know if it needs to be primed or anything? I opened it up and everything looks ok. I turned it off and am seeking some advice.

It is a good machine and I descaled it recently and used RO water, and took very good care of it. Bought from Chris' Coffee.

ANy help is appreciated,

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You can try to manually fill the water intake tube in the reservoir then drop it back in the tank if you want to be reasonably sure there's no air trapped in the intake water line.
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Thanks. I tried with a turkey baster. No luck. Pump may need primed somehow but i dont know how to do that. Tx

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Pump is easy to get to in an Anita. Pull the inlet elbow off of the pump, open the brew valve (lever up) and force water or air into the pump with a compressor or squeeze bottle or whatever you've got. Once you un-seat the little black rubber valve in the outlet end, it will remain un-stuck.

Once primed, it should be able to continue working flawlessly so long as it doesn't dry out and stick shut again, but if you have a way of measuring brew circuit pressure, ensure that it doesn't stall at less than 12 Bar.

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Ok, thanks. I don't know if I can do that but I can try.