Quickmill Anita - No water from grouphead.

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Hi All,

I have a QuickMill Anita purchased from Chris Coffee in 2006. E-61 grouphead.

Long story short: no water comes out of the group head, as it should when you move the lever up. Pressure builds up, visible on the gauge, but the water doesn't come out of the group head. When the lever is moved back down, the water does come out of the drain (with some pressure).

Here's what I've tried already:

1. Descaled and scrubbed mushroom and checked the gicleur and inlet holes, the gicleur screen, etc. Several times, since my first guess was that the gicleur was clogged.
2. Checked the cam and the drain valve thingie for wear (replaced that about a year ago); both are fine. Seals and gaskets replaced and lubed less than a year ago.
3. Checked and cleaned the shower screen, replaced gasket, just because I had a spare.

So, here's my thinking: the issue is in the group, not in the system running to the group. Obviously a blockage somewhere. Looking at a diagram of the group head, perhaps in the infusion chamber or the dispersion screw? I've never cleaned or even removed the dispersion screw thingie.

Advice most appreciated.



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Your reasoning sounds good; if you're seeing water released from the drain then pressure is making it to the grouphead and into the cam area.

Try pulling the little M6 screw on the front of the grouphead, and see if water comes out (do this before the boiler has heated up). If you get water then the blockage is definitely in the dispersion screw or the narrow passage leading to it.

Removing the dispersion screw is a bit of a pain, especially if it isn't hex shaped and only has a large slot for removal. You will most likely have to make a tool to fit that slot, a flat screwdriver will just slip and chew it up. Buy a set of cheap scrapers and grind the edge flat, that ought to do it. (https://www.harborfreight.com/scraper-s ... 69601.html)
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cassady (original poster)

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Thanks, Nico. I pulled the gasket and shower screen and cleaned off the dispersion screw (which was filthy -- oops). Got down to the brass, and tried to get the screw off, first with a big flathead screwdriver, then with a flattened washer in a pair of vice grips (I saw this advice here on a thread); neither worked (although I'm probably being over-careful to not chew it up).

I have guests in the house for the holiday weekend, so I can't swing by HF for those scrapers until Monday... if anyone has any other advice on how to get that screw out, I'd be most obliged.

cassady (original poster)

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Couldn't get the sawed down fender washer to work well.
Couldn't get to HF for the scrapers.

Did some searching on the forum, found several people recommended tapping the screw with a hammer to break it free.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to anyone, but gave it a few taps with a small hammer, and that seemed to do the trick (with a stubby flathead screwdriver).

Cleaned said dispersion screw, and the machine now works a treat. Thanks to all for your help.