Quickmill Anita Issue

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Hi All

I have a quickmill anita that's playing up at the moment. Its been working fine until today (pump replace recently) but now has the following symptoms;

- No water from the hot water tap, only steam
- Low steam pressure. The pressure gague shows 1.5 bar, but rapidly drops and stays extremely low when operating the steam value
- When the steam vale is closed, the pressure builds to 1.5bar, and turns off the heater, but the pressure gauge shows the pressure continuing to climb to over 2bar.
- I cannot tell if the autofill is working without draining the boiler, which Ill do later tonight.

Guesses currently are the solenoid valve or the gicar board. Any tips of anything else it could be? Thought the fill probe, but that would probably cause an overfill I would have thought in which case the water wand should work.

Any help appreciated


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Read "No water from water wand" on this page. It applies to an Andreja, but could also apply to your Anita as the machines are basically built the same.

https://www.manualslib.com/manual/63410 ... ml?page=21

freo (original poster)

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I'll leave this up in case anyone else has a similar problem, but it turned out to be...

The Gicar board.

Measuring 2v power input on the solenoid with the boiler drained, so something has gone on the board. Shame it's not a cheap fix....

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You could ask James "Pat" Boyt for a repair estimate: https://boytenterprises.com/collections/electronics. Lots of members have vouched for his work. Of course, given your location of New Zealand, there's a lot of shipping involved. :?
Dan Kehn