Quickmill Andreja Premium repairs

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#1: Post by Aussiebarista »

Hey all I'm a coffee lover here in Australia and was looking for some help with my machine :D ,

I have a Quick mill Andreja premium that unfortunately has broken down and in need of some TLC.

The items I have been told it needs are, new Gigar control box, vacuum valve, and safety valve. I will do the work to it myself so will also replace the group gasket, shower head and pump.

I have read the Quickmill rebuild on an earlier post and wonder if ......

1. If there are any other parts that i could/should replace as a precaution and so I have covered everything?

2. Are there any upgrades people are doing to this machine that I could look at? I noticed the current model Premium also includes PID! Is that something I can upgrade on my 2007 machine?

3. My Boiler insulation has completely perished, is it worth replacing?

Thanks in advance for the help,


Team HB

#2: Post by JRising »

Probably the vacuum breaker... I can't see yours leaking from here, but I'm pretty sure it's leaking.

If the boiler insulation has broken apart in big pieces, just hold them all back in place with that self-adhesive aluminum foil tape for stove pipes.


#3: Post by austinado16 »

Hi Kevin,
I replaced my boiler insulation with a sheet of 1/2" thick ceramic wool that I got on ebay in the US for about $9.

As for mods: I replaced my steam and water knobs with the latest version. Chris' Coffee has them back in stock again. I also installed flow control and the Group Pressure Gauge.


#4: Post by Shuka »

Hi Kevin-
A friend gifted me his tlc-starved A.P. A few months ago (plumbed in version). It really needed the e61 valves replaced, and also the OPV gasket. I also added a potentiometer pressure control- very easy to do (mine just wired in and hanging off the top of the machine). If you don't have the "Eric's thermometer" I strongly recommend it.
Have fun!
Good morning, Sunshine!