Quickmill Andreja Premium pushing steam past steam valve when closed and maxing pressure gauge for boiler

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I was hoping someone could help me with my machine. After the machine comes up to temp and the brew lever is pulled the pump will turn on and pressure will begin to build in the group head but not enough pressure to push water through the portafilter. As the pressure begins to climb for the group head, it will also increase the pressure in the boiler. It is not until that the pressure builds enough to max out the pressure gauge for the boiler that it will begin pushing water through the portafilter and past the closed valve for the steam wand. Any ideas what might be going on here? I replaced the pump some time ago and the machine operated with out issue for quite some time before developing this issue.

If you need any additional information please let me know.


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Your boiler fill solenoid valve is leaking. Brew pressure is escaping into the boiler until the boiler pressure builds enough to stop it. Remove, open, inspect and clean the solenoid valve, replace it if it doesn't look good enough to re-use.

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Thank you! I'll check it now.

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Would a hole in the heat exchanger coil give similar symptoms?

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It would, but unless it's been exposed to freezing temperatures, it's unlikely the cause.
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There's a secondary issue in that the boiler over pressure valve should open long before pressure builds enough to force much water through a normal puck.

How old is the machine?

Why was the pump replaced?

How often is it completely descaled?