Quickmill Andreja Premium. Lots of water flows back to reservoir?

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Hi and good morning. I have a question regarding my Andreja Premium. After some cleaning and maintenance i realized, when raising the lever, with no blindfilter or anything attached, quite a lot of water flows back to the reservoir via the second hose (from T-Connection). In steady flow, seems to be about the same amount and flow as from group head. I do not think this is normal? And I do not really like the idea of circulating water.. I am aware of that some amount of water should/could flow back when using a blindfilter or when brewing. However, pressure reads fine about 9.5 with blindfilter and pressostat toggles between 1.1 and 1.4.
Any adjustment/repair/switching parts suggestions? OPV?


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Assuming the second hose is coming from just pass the vibe pump, it's the pressure relief and it's supposed to do that.

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If the flow and pressure over the prep are good and it's making a good espresso, it might be just fine...
How much is "Lots"?

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Yes it might as well be :)
But my concerns are the amount of water and the circulation back to water reservoir, it is a steady flow when lever is raised all through the brewing process. For 1 cup of espresso I get 2 cups of water:

For now I have the ¨bypass hose¨going to a separate bowl and not back to the reservoir. If clamping the bypass hose pressure raises.

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Well, if the OPV is passing water at less than where you want the maximum to be, then you can try to adjust the OPV to a higher setting. If it still passes water at a lower pressure than where you want it, then it's probably time to clean the OPV thoroughly and replace the valve-face. (I think the Andreja's valve face is just one of the common 8F194V viton valve faces common to several valves.

https://www.chriscoffee.com/products/ex ... ement-seat


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Hi- I had the same problem on my A. P. The OPV valve seat was old and bad. I sanded it down as a temporary (successful) fix, and ordered a new seat. It helps a lot. I got the part at Chris Coffee: Quick Mill Expansion Valve Seat × 1

(But haven't installed the new one yet!)
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