Quickmill Andreja Premium Fill issue-- GICAR fault?

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Hi all, continuing on my quest of repairing a free garage rescue AP.

I got the heating element replaced and the heating circuit is working fine. However, after putting it back together I'm experiencing what I think is a likely GICAR fault. With a boiler that isn't full, the machine behaves erratically upon startup-- sometimes activating the pump and fill circuit and other times not activating it. If you flip the power switch a couple times, it will eventually activate the fill circuit. Upon activation, it fills and fills until it starts pushing water out of the over pressure valve and vacuum breaker. I have tested the water level fill probe extensively and have ruled out a fault with it-- it is conductive and the ground is conductive to ground at the plug. If it is receiving signal from the GICAR, it should be grounding to the water inside the boiler when it contacts.

Extra info:
I have ruled out a pump issue because the pump works consistently with the brew lever.
Issue is repeatable (drain water until past bottom of water level probe, turn on, issue repeats).
No visible smoked parts on the GICAR, but it's old and slightly corroded in spots.

I'm somewhat handy with a soldering iron, so if anyone has ideas about which specific component is at fault (or a set of GICAR components to target for replacement) I'll go that route, otherwise I think I'm likely to buy a new GICAR. Just wanted to check here to see if anyone has further testing to do before I buy an expensive component, or alternative hypotheses.


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Interesting, i have a brand new Giemme autofill board that failed since i got it, basically if i power on the board with the 2 board spades ( level probe and ground) joint, the autofill relay stay off, but if i disjoin the board autofill circuit spades the relay stay on....(edit) even once i re join the 2 spades.
It's almost 3 years i'm trying to figure out what board component could be the issue cause :?
I search everywhere and nobody reported similar issue, in any forums, but today i hope that thank to the OP i can eventually get some clue.
I did once replaced a capacitor but the issue still.

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Have you removed and cleaned the fill probe till shiney and scale free?
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cluelessinkansas (original poster)

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Yep, fill probe is clean and free of scale.

Giampiero-- that's strange, but definitely sounds like a related issue to me. I'm leaning towards the relays as the fault, but if someone doesn't have specific recommendations I'm probably going to buy a new GICAR board so I can at least drink espresso while fooling around with the old one.


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Forum member Pat Boyt can rebuild your existing controller, should you want to go that route: https://boytenterprises.com/

He rebuilt the controller for my Pasqini Livia 90S back in January. Can't speak highly enough about him, and the service he provides!

I also rescued a dead/unknown condition QM Andreja Premium back in Jan/Feb. It didn't need much fortunately, and turned out excellent. I really enjoy using it.