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What is not clear either from the exploded diagram, is what holds the pipe the Hex piece screws into. You can see a hex head to the pipe, but as far as I can tell that is inside the boiler. The bottom of the pipe goes into another Hex piece bellow the boiler, but the diagram does not give any hints if it is threaded or a solid piece.

So all this to say, it'd be nice to find someone who had done a full teardown of the HX.


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So I found more information and now see that the big hex piece is threaded INTO the boiler and that the pipe shown in the previous drawing is only hanging into the HX tube from it.

Quick question, what product should I use to reseal with the boiler while also ensuring I can get back to the original alignment?

In the above image, how are the circled nuts resealed? Do they require anything? The orange and red look like compression, do I need new olives? Not sure about the yellow circle on for the T either.


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Orange and Red circles are on compression fittings (Of different types, but same answer) so they get no sealant or teflon or anything. Simply center the soft brass ferrule and hose-end in position and tighten the fitting's nut down to it finger tight, then just a smidge more. The soft brass disfigures slightly in the harder fitting's face each time it is re-attached and forms a seal without any sealant. They can be opened and reclosed several times before they need replacing. Do NOT overtighten a compression fitting, it will just crumble. If it doesn't seal nicely, try tightening a bit more but know it will probably need replacing.

The yellow circle is just pipe thread (I'm guessing 1/8 BSPP) You will benefit from a bit of teflon tape on those threads.

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Thought I'd share the outcome. In the end, I did not feel comfortable doing this myself. So took it to a coffee tech I trust and has been in this business 20+ years fixing commercial and household machines.

He said to leave it alone since the boiler is not leaking and there is only a minute amount of water escaping while the HX is under pressure. So basically wait until something more major is needed on the machine.

Anyways, the machine is now cleaned up, new e61 and OPV seals and gaskets, new pump, new vacuum breaker and is now fully reassembled. Works great!

Thank you all for the advice,