Quick Mill Vetrano 2B steam boiler doesn't drain

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I just purchased my first new-to-me "real" machine. Happy with the purchase, but have one little issue. The prev (original) owner had drained both boilers so when I got it home to set it up I was a bit surprised when the steam boiler took in no water (I filled it a day later after dial-in). Figured he just forgot. So when I just packed this up to afternoon for temporary storage I drained the boilers but nothing came out of the steam tank (well, I assume steam since it would make sense if there is a clog or issue in the draining... so let's just say it is).

I did see a vid instructing to open the steam and water valves to allow a pressure release... which I did. (They were also open when I got it, so the prev owner did the same). Maybe it just needs a bit of a 'push'. I do think one of the drain 'plug' on the steam is a tiny bit 'scaled' or let's just say 'not as clean' as the other one. He did (claim to) always use filtered water (and our water here in Portland is pretty darn nice to start with).

Anyway, wondering if anyone else has had this issue, any 'quick test/fix' ideas? The machine seems to work just fine - tho I would like some more steam power - I have heard/read that lackluster steam power is a downfall of this machine. Keep in mind I am using a LM Linea at work so power is relative. Maybe I'll try to address this later. I did clean the steam system with Rinza before draining.

I won't be able to address this 'issue' for a while as I am moving around a bit for the next 6wks - but looking to get ideas for when I can address it.


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Perhaps a complete descaling with citric acid would be in order before using it again. That way you would know that you're starting out with a relatively clean machine.
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Will do... I happen to have some sitting around (mmmm, fresh mozzarella...) Following Chris Coffee guide, 3L reservoir so ~3oz and flush ~8oz thru group head and hot water.. wait 1hr, repeat ~10x - drain (hopefully) and flush with clean water until nice and clean???