Quick Mill Silvano Evo Wiring Question

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#1: Post by Ryjojojo »

Hey all,

New to working on espresso machines here. I was doing some maintenance on my Silvano when one of the wires that connects to the power switch on the back of the machine slipped off of its plug. There are two plugs that it could have been connected to, and I'm worried about connecting the wire to the wrong plug and causing a short. I've attached pictures and was hoping someone here could tell me which plug to connect this blue cable to. There are two plugs on the bottom of the power switch connection, and I'm thinking that the blue wire originally connected to the bottom right, but I want to confirm before trying to power the machine on.


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#2: Post by cafeIKE »

You may be able to see marks on the switch tabs

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#3: Post by ioannisds »

Here's the wiring on mine, it's only a couple of months old but can't imagine this would be different.

Ryjojojo (original poster)

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Thanks to both of you! There were marks on the bottom right, but I wasn't sure if they had been caused by me momentarily reattached the wire to that tab. However, seeing a picture of the other poster's wiring has confirmed that this is the correct position. Thanks to you both!

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#5: Post by cafeIKE »

You should add an insulator to the unused terminal as in the newer machine. It can be as simple as a small piece of heat shrink.

A FastOn connection should be quite robust. It should not slip off easily. If the connection has been misused, it may not retain the required tension, generate heat and fail. The insulators appear in good shape, so the connection may be OK.

How much force did it take to get it to lock on the terminal?

Did it feel like it 'locked' into place?
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