Quick Mill Silvano Evo no pressue and can't pull a shot

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#1: Post by imfaus »

I have a Quick Mill Silvano dual boiler machine its 6 years old. Today I can't seem to pull a shot when I move the lever to pull a shot I don't hear the pump and there is change in the pressure gauge. I the steam wand does work. Based on other posts I suspect the issue is the pump? I probabaly should make sure the pump is getting electricity other than that is that easy to replace? Does anyone know of a good video on how to replace the pump? Thanks


#2: Post by JRising »

Replacing the pump doesn't need a video.
Check if the pump has power with the brew switch on. If yes, then replace the pump.
Pull the inlet hose off, unscrew off of the outlet fitting. Slide out of rubber mounts. Use teflon tape or a decent thread sealer when putting outlet fitting in new pump's threads.