Quick Mill owners - looking for your help with steam wand

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Hi there I have an old Euro 2000 HX machine (from the early 2000s) with a goofy steam wand that's hard to use because it only moves up down, not on a ball joint. From what I read the machine uses similar internals and parts as Isomac and Quickmill machines from this time.

I found a steam assembly for a Quickmill Vetrano/Evo that looks like it should work perfectly for me. My question is can someone who has one of these machines please measure the length of the 3/8 BSP inlet fitting on the tip of the assembly (see picture attached). I'd like to confirm length is the same as my current one so I can reuse the brass pipe outlet from boiler to valve without issues.

Appreciate your help


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A little over 15mm.

Escaron (original poster)

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Thank you so much this is perfect!