Quick Mill Orione 03000 - No water- New guy needs help!

Equipment doesn't work? Troubleshooting? If you're handy, members can help.

#1: Post by Rust »

Apologies in advance, this may very well be user error.

I happened across a free seemingly unused Orione. I have never owned an espresso machine but always have had an interest so I thought it a perfect opportunity.

Machine appears to have never been used, was not in packaging, but water container still wrapped in plastic, cord still bundled and not a scratch or sign of any use.

I am in North America, unit is 220v so I purchased a transformer, plugged it in, pumps sound like they are running but it will not draw water. I used a marinade syringe thinking the pump needed to be primed but it simply will not accept a drop of water. I push the syringe while pump is running and it literally squirts back out the draw tube.

Hoping for some help!!


#2: Post by Giampiero »

While you are pushing water with the syringe, keep the steam wand out of the machine, but put a cup under the wand.
If the machine is unused for long time maybe or the mechanical 3 way valve of the steam wand is clogged, or the 3 way solenoid valve before the thermoblock is stuck.
If you remove the upper panel you can see all the components for eventually provide a better check.

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Rust (original poster)

#3: Post by Rust (original poster) »

Thanks- I followed the startup procedure for the Silvano, figured it was similar.

Per instructions I turned the machine on, turned the brew switch on with portafilter off and pushed water with syringe. I also out of desperation tried the steam wand, nothing.

Popped the top off and see water running into the pump but nowhere else.


#4: Post by JRising »

If it's running into the pump, then the pump is working. Water is not compressible. the pump is pumping it, find out where.

If it's escaping over a relief valve, check the pressure to determine if the relief valve is working.