Quick Mill Andreja Premium boiler pressure

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i am hoping someone could help me diagnose an issue i am having with my boiler (single boiler machine with a new vibrating pump and new OPV) - the boiler fills and heats. i am able to pull a shot but the upper boiler pressure gauge always reads zero and i get no steam pressure or water from the hot water outflow spout when opened.

so for some reason the boiler is not maintaining or developing pressure despite the heating element working.

i took the casing off and checked any attachment points for a leak or evidence of water the shell - no immediate signs although there was a bit of corrosion at the bottom gasket where the heating element attaches.

whether or not this was related - a week or two before this happened i suddenly had rusty water coming out, and i flushed it through the group head and hot water wand until it cleared (which took a lot of filling and draining of the tank).

i would really appreciate any thoughts.
dave hayden


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With the body panels removed, and the machine on and warmed up, is there a pressure leak from the Vacuum Breaker Valve, or Safety Valve (both located on top of the boiler)? Or, is water flowing out of that new Over Pressure Valve, and flowing back into the reservoir via the 2nd clear hose that's in the reservoir?

Here's a picture of the Vac Valve. The tall brass piece to the left is the safety valve...

And what it looks like when apart...

Team HB

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It's possible it's heating, but not heating above 100 degrees Celsius. Can you run it with its panels off and watch the vacuum breaker to see if you ever see the machine reach boiling temperature and close the vacuum breaker? Once the vacuum breaker closes, the boiler will be above atmospheric, so you should be able to flow through the steam or hot water valves.

It's possible that everything in the steam, Hot Water valve, steam valve, gauge pipette, etc. is clogged with calcium.


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The red o-ring does not belong originally to that valve, maybe it prevent the pin to pop up and the valve still vent.